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What exactly does is a Discovery Player?

Discovery Players can be dual registered with their club as well as the Palm Beach United ECNL. Discovery Players are primarily registered, train and play with their clubs but are eligible to train and play with the Palm Beach United ECNL in both ECNL League Games and Showcase Tournaments which will have an abundance of College Coaches present as is common knowledge.


Can a ECNL Player still play School Soccer?

Yes! ECNL Players will get the best of both worlds. Access to the top level of competition available in the US Youth Soccer system, but without the restrictions such as being able to play School soccer and being able to attend ECNL practice sessions at their discretion.


How will Discovery Players be selected ?

Palm Beach Gardens Predators will use the tryout period to put together the most high competitive teams in south Florida. At that point, Palm Beach United will have the availability to scout players directly from their teams in order to offer them Discovery Player positions within the Palm Beach United ECNL.


What is the difference between a DA partnership and an ECNL partnership ?

In order to be a Part-Time Player for a Development Academy Club, your current Competitive Club MUST have an official partnership/affiliation through US Soccer with that Development Academy Club. ECNL does not require a partnership between a Players Competitive Club and the ECNL Club in question to allow ECNL "Discovery Play"


Can any player be a Discovery Player for an ECNL Club ?

In order to be a Discovery Player (DP) for an ECNL Team, you simply have to try out and be offered a spot. Any player from PBG (or anywhere else) is able to be a discovery player for any ECNL Club, whether their current Club has a partnership or not.

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