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What makes Palm Beach United (PBU) different than other clubs from the area? ECNL is one of only two national leagues in the US.  Palm Beach United is the only ECNL club in Palm Beach County. It’s an extremely competitive league where our teams from U13 to U19 competes.  The main goal for the organization is to prepare the players for collegiate level play - or even further to become a professional.  There are ECNL national showcases that attracts professional scouts and college coaches.  Several of our players were scouted in the past two years with some of them placed in good colleges allowing them to get a good education while continuing to play soccer at the college level. 

In addition, our professional staff is very dedicated to helping our players get to the next level.  We practice a minimum of four, sometimes five, times a week.  Our curriculum is designed for high level competitive soccer, which elevates our four main components of the sport - technical, tactical, physical, and mental. Additionally, every year between March and May, we have positional trainings in which each player gets specialized sessions for their specific position. 


Which League, games, travel and tournaments? We are in the Florida Conference which consists of league games.  Our opponents are from the Tampa, Jacksonville and Orlando areas.  We play one home and one away game throughout the year with these teams.  In addition, we play two national showcases, most likely one in state and one out of state.  


What is ECNL-R ?  This is the second-tier organization for the players who are very close to ECNL level but not quite there yet. Our ECNL and ECNL-R staff will work closely with any player who performs and deserves to be on the ECNL team. They will be given the opportunity to have a direct pathway there.  ECNL-R also provides players the opportunity to participate in league play and tournaments outside of the Florida Conference, unlike ECNL.


Difference between MLS Next and ECNL?  The biggest difference is the organization.  MLS Next was just established this past year and are still figuring out the best approach for their program. While ECNL is established and is a very strong organization. With that being said, we have created professional opportunities and have a very good relationship with InterMiami MLS located in our region.  In the past, we have sent some of our ECNL players to their discovery programs where they trained with their professional squads.


Can a player play school soccer?  Yes, our players can play High School and Middle School soccer.  During the school soccer season, we continue our same training schedule, but only require two practices from the players who play soccer for their school. All other players still attend all the training sessions. 


Do players have proper evaluations?  We have three evaluations throughout the year - the beginning, middle, and end of the season. This called IDP (Individual Development Program).  Those evaluations will show where the player begins and the progress that is made throughout the year.


Is practice attendance mandatory?  ECNL is a league for dedicated players who are looking for consistent and constant improvement.  So, yes, practice attendance is mandatory. The position that is offered to players is valuable and we expect players to follow through on their commitment to being part of an ECNL team. However, if there is an emergency, sickness, or required school event, there are established communication tools that can be utilized. Attendance is recorded by our coaches and shared with the player and the parent on the IDPs.


Do players able to play with older age groups within the club?  At PBU, we are creating the culture where Club Unity comes into play.  Our players play for PBU.  This mean, they can play older age groups if our coaching staff believes that they need a different challenge.  We can proudly say, during the ECNL Orlando showcase, each of our teams had a minimum of one younger player on their roster.  We feel this gives our players the opportunity to push themselves to achieve their full potential. 

When are tryouts for the 2021-2022 season?   

May 18th & 25th: 2010 – 2009 – 2008 

May 19th & 26th: 2007 – 2006 

May 20th & 27th: 2005 – 2004 – 2003 


Have additional questions? 

Please reach out our ECNL director Levo Guler at or our executive director Eric Arbuzow at 561-396-9900.

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